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Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship

French Heritage Society, in partnership with the American Architectural Foundation, participates in awarding the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship each year, alternately, to a French or to an American architect pursuing a career in historic preservation.

Named for the first American architect to study at Paris’ Ecole des Beaux Arts, the program, founded in 1990, is led by Michèle le Menestrel Ullrich, RMHF co-founder and Ronald Bogle, AAF President and CEO.

The fellowship allows experienced preservation architects from both countries to travel for six months, divided into two periods, to France or the United States to research and observe their counterparts’ theories, methodologies, rules and practices.

Each Fellow focuses on a topic of their choice such as the “duality of a modern structure in an historic environment”, “restoration of 20th-century buildings using 21st-century tools”, or the pressing question of “how to combine sustainable development and preservation”.

Laurent Duport and Axelle Macardier, laureats 2014Laurent Duport and Axelle Macardier at the Hôtel de Talleyrand in Paris

Laurent Duport, 25th Richard Morris Hunt Fellow

After studying at the School of Architecture in Marseille and Paris-Belleville, Laurent joined the team of Jean Nouvel, Jean Paul Viguier and Paul Andreu. Laurent is a lecturer at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Montpellier where he created the field of study at the Masters level "Metropolis of the South" in 2009 and was responsible for the Architecture and Heritage Department.

From 1999 to 2001, he was "studio critic" for Columbia University New York/Paris program. From 1996 to 2001, he was responsible for the public opening of the Jaoul Houses built in Neuilly-sur-Seine by Le Corbusier about which he gave several lectures. He initiated the celebration "20 Years of Nemausus" and the label "Heritage of the 20th Century," for use in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. In 2010, he participated in the seminar "Conservation, Restoration of the Architecture of the Modern Movement" in Toulouse. In 2004, he participated in the European Research Seminar on "TEAM X, Buildings and Theories" in Toulouse and in 2003 the seminar "Around the CIAM IX" in Aix-en-Provence with an article on Georges Candilis.

Laurent is currently in charge of creating the RBC Design Center in Montpellier in collaboration with Jean Nouvel. Since 1995, in collaboration with Nicolas Crégut of C+D Architecture, he has participated in many competitions:

  • 2010 he won the U & U campus contest for the University of Montpellier, South of France (in conjunction with N+B Architects & Hitoshi Abe).
  • 2006 he won the competition to build the Lycée Pierre Mendès France in Montpellier.
  • 2002 he was awarded the commission to renovate the private townhouses for the Museum of Sacred Art in Pont-Saint-Esprit.
  • 2000 he won the competition for the rehabilitation of the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Montpellier.
  • 1994 he was awarded the Fellowship Electra (Electricité de France Foundation) with a project for the National Museum of Beirut.

Axelle Macardier, Second Richard Morris Hunt Scholar

This year, for the second year, the RMHF Jury also named a Richard Morris Hunt Scholar, Axelle Macardier. The RMHF Jury especially appreciated Axelle's unique and forwarding looking approach to the architectural and urban environment, her thirst for knowledge coupled with her ability to understand the issues facing our world today. Axelle's research topic will focus on a very precise urban renewal issue, "The Fate of the 19th-century Centers Surrounding Train Stations." The 2014 RMHF Scholar will receive a prize of $5,000 in order to undertake five weeks of research, in the United States, in Axelle's case.

A graduate in architecture from the Ecole de Chaillot in 2013, Axelle holds a DSA for Architecture and Heritage. As an employee in Paris at a firm of two heritage architects, she has conducted several restoration and rehabilitation projects of various scales. She has also written several papers on the role of the preservation architects at all stages of a project and written essays on doctrines in general. She is currently an assistant to the Architecte des Bâtiments de France at the Service Départemental de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine in the Seine-Saint Denis area.

Richard Morris Hunt Fellows

To date, 24 American and French Fellows have taken part in this unique program:

  • 2014: Laurent Duport, 25th Richard Morris Hunt Fellow, and Axelle Macardier, Second Richard Morris Hunt Scholar
  • 2013: Maya Maria Forty, heritage preservation, AIA, LEED, Architectural Resources Group, San Francisco, CA
  • 2012: Elsa Ricaud, heritage architect, degrees from ENSA Versailles, Ecole de Chaillot
  • 2011: Robert J. Hotes, AIA, LEED AP, Klein and Hoffman Inc, Associate, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2010: Vanessa Fernandez, lecturer at ENSA Belleville, Toulouse Liberal
  • 2009: Tina Roach, AIA, LEED AP, Quinn Evans Architects, Washington DC
  • 2008: Diego Rodriguez, heritage architect, lecturer at ENSA Nantes, Paris, France
  • 2007: Wendy Hillis, AIA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • 2006: Christophe Loustau, heritage architect, Paris, France
  • 2005: Mary Brush, AIA, Preservation Group Leader, Holabird & Root, Chicago, IL
  • 2004: Pascal Filâtre, heritage architect, lecturer at ENSA Nantes, France
  • 2003: Kyle Brooks, AIA, Government Services Administration, New York, NY
  • 2002: Sabina Fabris, heritage architect, Paris, France
  • 2001: Raymond Plumey, FAIA, architect and planner, New York, NY
  • 2000: Stéphanie Zugmeyer, heritage architect, archeologist, Arles, France
  • 1999: Elizabeth Newman, AIA, Portland ME
  • 1998: Stéphanie Celle- Riccio, Bâtiments de France architect, Paris, France
  • 1997: Yves-Patrick Deflandre, AIA, New York, NY
  • 1996: Jérôme Francou, heritage architect, Lyon, France
  • 1995: Linda Stevenson, AIA, Florida
  • 1994: Ruth Todd, AIA, Page and Turnbull, San Francisco, CA
  • 1993: Jean-Christophe Simon, DESA, CEHCMA, CMN, Paris, France
  • 1992: Bonita Mueller, AIA, National Park Service, Denver, CO
  • 1991: Pierre-Antoine Gatier, head architect for historic monuments, Paris, France
  • 1990: John Robbins, AIA, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC


logo_lafargeSince 2009, French Heritage Society is pleased to have Lafarge, a world leader in construction materials, generously sponsor this prestigious program, in keeping with its practice of active partnership with architects, and brings its financial, technical and scientific support to the RMHF.

Richard Morris Hunt

rmhf-richard_morris_huntRichard Morris Hunt

rmhf-biltmore_estate_asheville_north_carolinaThe Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina

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