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French Heritage Society – 2014 Grants

French Heritage Society awards $436,900 in Grants

Restoring the Chapelle des Fonts BaptismauxChateau de Rochemontes nympheaumThis April, in Dallas, we were extremely pleased to vote for 10 Chapter grants for a total pledge of $171,500 – bringing our total awarded for the year to $436,900. Each chapter, based on its estimate of monies raised through chapter activities, votes to pledge a certain amount toward a restoration. Each French Heritage Society grant must be matched.

Read more about this year's grants...


French Heritage Society is dedicated to protecting the French architectural legacy both in France and the United States with particular emphasis on raising funds for preservation and education.

The society fosters long-established French-American relationships through cultural exchanges as it strives to ensure that the treasures of our shared heritage will survive to inspire future generations.

Its thirteen chapters in the US and one in Paris have supported the restoration of nearly 500 buildings and gardens since 1982. French Heritage Society also organizes unique student internship opportunities in both countries and offers enriching cultural trips in France, and the US for its members.

Our Upcoming Events

Download the French Heritage Society 2014 calendar or visit the calendar page to learn more about upcoming French Heritage Society events.

Events and Trips in 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014:

Paris Chapter Annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Hôtel Le Bristol

For more details and/or to make reservations on any trips, please call the FHS office at 212-759-6846 or contact us for more information. Some details subject to change.

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Spring 2014 Issue

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Les Coups de Coeur
de Libba

Credit: sergiofeldmann.blogspot.com